Vote for Board Members

Voting for the 2021 election is now closed. GSA members will be notified via email once the 2022 election is open.

The GSA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of scientists from our community. Each year, GSA members have the opportunity to nominate and elect new Directors and Officers. When the nomination or election period opens, members will be notified by email from society@genetics-gsa.org.

How to Nominate

GSA members can nominate themselves or colleagues for positions on the Board. Nominations are considered by the Nominating Committee when preparing the election ballot.

Members nominate by logging in to their GSA account. Nominations require only a nominee name, institution, and an optional (but encouraged) 2-3 sentence explanation supporting the nomination. You may nominate as many individuals as you’d like, including members of the community who are not currently GSA members; nominees must join GSA to be included on the election slate.

The Board of Directors works closely with the GSA staff, GSA journals Editors in Chief, and the GSA Committees.

Strong candidates include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • strategic and creative thinkers
  • dedicated volunteers
  • effective collaborators
  • those with new ideas and constructive feedback
  • those with a demonstrated commitment to advancing equity and inclusion in science

We encourage the nomination or self-nomination of scientists across career stages (including pre-tenure faculty) as well as those from backgrounds historically excluded from science.

Note: Graduate students and postdocs may be appointed as early career representatives to the board through a separate mechanism.

How to Vote

Once the election period is open, each GSA member can vote by logging in to their GSA account.

You may only vote once and must be logged in to vote. On your ballot, two candidates will run for each Board position to be filled. You must choose your preferred candidate for each position, including the Vice-President (the Vice-President will serve as President in the second year of their term). Candidate statements and biographical information will be available on the ballot.

Questions about nominating or voting for Board members? Email us: society@genetics-gsa.org