Victoria Finnerty Undergraduate Travel Awards

Applications will open August 1, 2023

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Named to honor the memory of Victoria Finnerty, this award helps support costs for undergraduates presenting their Drosophila research at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference.

Finnerty was a long-time member of the Genetics Society of America and served the Drosophila community and the genetics community at large in many capacities. Her ground-breaking work as a graduate student used high-resolution recombination analysis to dissect gene structure. This set the stage for a 35-year career in which she excelled as a gifted teacher as well as a research scientist.

Finnerty was known for her creativity and dedication to training undergraduates in Drosophila genetics; her passion for the field of genetics was contagious. Vickie was a wise, compassionate mentor and teacher for whom interactions with her students was a constant joy. She constantly sought new ways to engage undergraduates in their genetics courses and in research; the Victoria Finnerty Undergraduate Award continues her stellar example.

Application Process

Apply via the button at the top of this page. You will need to sign in using your GSA member account details to access the form. In your application, you will request a letter of recommendation from the principal investigator of the laboratory in which you are conducting research or another professor or supervisor familiar with your research. Your reference will receive an email with an upload link and must upload your letter of recommendation by September 21, 2023. Please alert them in advance of submitting your application that they will need to upload their letter of recommendation.


Applicants must be current GSA members who are undergraduate students. Recipients may only use the award to fund their travel or registration to present Drosophila research at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference or The Allied Genetics Conference.

Important Dates

The application deadline is September 21, 2023.

Letters of Recommendation are due September 22, 2023.

Support Undergraduate Drosophila Research

The Victoria Finnerty Undergraduate Travel Awards are made possible by generous contributions from our donors. Please consider contributing to support our community’s early career members.

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2022 Saron Akula UC, Berkeley
2022 Paulo Belato University of Connecticut
2022 Megan Butler University of NC, Chapel Hill
2022 Colin Louis Grand Valley State University
2022 Gonzalo Morales Chaya University of New Mexico
2022 Sherif Negm University of Rochester
2022 Alani Perkin HSSU
2022 Manisha Persaud Rutgers University, New Brunswick
2022 Christopher Petit Loyola University, Chicago
2022 Heidi Pipkin Bemidji State University
2022 Caroline Pitton Wesleyan University
2022 Caroline Pritchard Lehigh University
2022 Shanzeh Sayied Brown University
2022 Joanatta Shapiro Rutgers University
2022 Sequioa Smith Sam Houston University
2021 Nina Benites Tufts University
2021 Dabin Cho Emory University
2021 Katrina Haas UC Santa Cruz
2021 Shaynie Segal University of Colorado Boulder
2021 Corinne Croslyn University of Evansville
2021 Amy Kwan Washington University in St. Louis
2021 Ben Hinz University of Iowa
2021 L. Amanda Xu University of Michigan


Alexis Perry

Vikas Rana

University of Massachusetts Boston

Brown University

2020 Brooke Allen University of Detroit Mercy
2020 Corinne Croslyn University of Evansville
2020 Dalia Fainberg Baruch College (CUNY)
2020 Nate Fischer Marquette University
2020 Nicole Folan College of the Holy Cross
2020 Jillian Gomez University of Tampa
2020 Isabella Hanesworth Mercy College
2020 Jordyn Moaton University of Missouri – Columbia
2020 Anthony Ruiz Bemidji State University
2020 Joshua Sikder University of North Carolina – Charlotte
2020 Efren Silva University of Houston
2020 Marta Stetsiv Kansas State University
2020 Anastasia Welch Rhode Island College
2020 Joey Wong University of California, Santa Cruz
2019 Katherine Fisher Indiana University Bloomington
2019 Esther Kwon University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2019 Kathy Le Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
2019 Carolyn McGrail Baruch College (CUNY)
2019 Caroline Miller Davidson College
2019 Taylar Mouton University of Rochester
2019 Amanda Petersen University of St. Thomas
2019 Caroline Phan Davidson College
2019 Nicco Ruggiero State University of New York at Buffalo
2019 Francesco Satriale Bucknell University
2019 Helen Stone University of Virginia
2019 Rebecca Tarnopol University of Michigan
2019 Brandon Turner University of North Carolina – Charlotte
2019 Isaac Wong University of Rochester
2017 James Cevallos UCLA
2017 Liesl Strand Univ of Washington
2017 Madison Hupp Kennsaw State
2017 Courtney Willet Kennsaw State
2017 Ryan Salemme John Carroll Univ
2017 Jenna Harris Georgia State
2017 Matthew Riccetti Univ of Dayton
2016 Andrew Blake Delaware State University
2016 Taylor Hinnant East Carolina University
2016 Diana Luong Loyola University Chicago
2016 Katherine Nichols Muhlenberg College
2016 Abigail O’Conner University of Arizona
2016 Nilang Shah Emory University
2016 Jarrod Shilts Vanderbilt University
2016 Samantha St. Clair Indiana University
2015 Jonathan Cohen Swarthmore College
2015 Alexander Kneubehl Ohio Northern University
2015 Kiu Ming April Kong York University
2015 Meera Namireddy Rice University
2015 Irina Pushel Michigan State University
2015 Anna Zeidman Brown University
2014 Daniel A. Friedman University of California, Davis
2014 Nancy J. Levansailor SUNY Fredonia
2014 Katharine Majeski Kennesaw State University
2014 Aidan L. McParland University of New England
2014 Marvin Nayan University of Washington
2014 Trung T. Phan University of Washington
2014 AnnJosette Ramirez Arcadia University
2014 Zachary L. Sebo University of Missouri, Kansas City
2014 Letitia Thompson The College of New Jersey
2014 Daniel M. Wong University of California, Los Angeles
2014 Chenling Xu University of California, Davis
2013 Susanna E. Brantley Emory University
2013 Gina D. Castelvecchi University of Wisconsin, Madison
2013 Robert W. Fernandez York College, City University of New York
2013 Michelle A. Frazer University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2013 Samuel Hutton Friedman Vanderbilt University
2013 Robert A. Gingras Hofstra University
2013 Gary Iacobucci State University of New York at Buffalo
2013 Jihyun Irizarry California State University, Los Angeles
2013 Sierra Mosticone-Wangansteen Randolph-Macon College
2012 Selma Avdagic Saint Louis University School of Medicine
2012 Samantha Galindo University of Wisconsin, Madison
2012 Kenneth B. Hoehn Duke University
2012 Emily Hsieh University of Washington/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
2012 Megan Phifer-Rixey University of Arizona
2012 Jacqueline McDermott Hofstra University
2012 Mohammad Siddiq Indiana University