Science Communication Resources

The following resources have been compiled by the Communication & Outreach subcommittee.

Why do scientific outreach?

Science is about generating and sharing new knowledge. It is motivated by real-life needs and goes a long way in finding solutions to everyday problems. However, how can science start helping society if what happens in research facilities remains a secret? Even worse, unclear messages lead to misunderstandings which affect the public’s confidence in science.

Therefore, as scientists, it is critical that we engage in outreach activities. This is how we can help others form a clearer view of the most recent advances or new discoveries which are relevant to their everyday lives. In turn, this helps people make more informed decisions on myriad subjects, including their daily groceries, the understanding of common diseases, or the development of new government policies and regulations.

What kind of outreach can scientists do?

Scientific outreach can come in many forms. For example, there are many organizations that host local activities with local audiences in schools or in universities. This is a great way to start because you are familiar with the local problems and the way of thinking in your community, which allows you to reach them better. Specific examples of these activities are science fairs in which we can host scientists who disseminate their research, hands-on science workshops for children, or weekly conferences that disseminate important scientific papers.

Another option is to use technology to reach larger audiences. Social networks and blogs allow for the rapid dissemination of ideas, since we tend to spend so much time online. In turn, this can also help you connect with other scientists interested in doing outreach, enabling you to work together and organize events.


Not sure where to start? The following lists offer some great introductory resources.

Workshops, Conferences & Training Opportunities

Alda Center for Communicating Science
AAAS Mass Media Science and Communication Fellowship 
Art of Science Communication

International outreach opportunities

Skype a scientist
ScienceClubs (​Mexico​, ​Colombia​, ​Bolivia​, ​Peru​, ​Paraguay​, ​Brazil​, ​Spain​)
Soapbox Science
Pint of Science

K-12 Outreach

Skype a scientist
Letters to a pre-scientist
4H Programs
Soapbox Science