GSA Awards Process and Instructions

There are two potential roles in the nomination process: nominator and nominee. For self-nominations, the individual in question will serve as both. In some cases, nominators may need to work with the nominee to complete the questionnaire.


Nominees will need to provide their biosketch, lived-experience statement, and optional demographic information. Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. Once nominated, an individual will be considered for three awards cycles (i.e., each nomination is valid for three years). Nominees may update their packet as needed during their eligible award cycles.

Current GSA Board, Awards Committee, and Awards Nominating Committee members are not eligible for nomination for any GSA Award.

Only GSA members are eligible for the Thomas Morgan Medal, the GSA Medal, the GSA Early Career Medal, and the Novitski Prize. If a non-member is nominated, they must join to be eligible to win the award. Anyone who meets the criteria, GSA member or not, can win the Jones Award and the Beadle Award. All nominees are encouraged to join GSA.

GSA Award winners are not eligible to be nominated for the five years following their award. (A 2024 awardee may be nominated again in 2028 for the 2029 awards cycle.)

Additional eligibility information can be found on each individual award page.


Only GSA members may make nominations. 

Members of the Awards Committee cannot nominate individuals for Society awards, but they can (and should) encourage colleagues to do so. To avoid the appearance of conflict of interest, individuals are not permitted to nominate a spouse or other close family member.

Nomination Packet 

The nomination packet for a GSA Award includes:

  • Nominee name and contact information
  • Nominator name and contact information (if different from the nominee)
  • Cover Letter
    • The Cover Letter should be used to introduce the nominee in 250 words or fewer. 
    • Nominators should briefly introduce themselves and the nominee, describe their relationship and experience with the nominee, and indicate for which award they are nominating.
    • Self-nominees should briefly introduce themselves and indicate for which award they are nominating.
  • NIH-style biosketch (≤5 pages)
  • Lived-experience statement
    • Nominees should give an overview of their career path and scientific philosophy in 250 words or fewer. They are encouraged to describe their particular approaches to research, mentoring, teaching, and equity, as appropriate, and are welcome to include information about barriers they have faced and/or overcome.
  • Award-specific questionnaire
  • Demographic survey (optional)
    • Nominees will be prompted to update the demographic information in their GSA member profile. Nominees are strongly encouraged to answer demographic questions. Demographic information will be kept confidential and will not affect the committee’s decision-making process but will instead help GSA track progress on diversity and inclusion goals over time.