Publications Committee

DJ de Koning, Chair Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Shawn Burgess, National Human Genome Research Institute/NIH

David Fay, University of Wyoming

Marquis Walker, James Madison University

Tanja Slotte, Stockholm University

Tina Tootle, University of Iowa

Susan L. Forsburg, University of Southern California

Sohini Ramachandran, Brown University

DJ De Koning, Chair Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Howard Lipshitz, Editor in Chief, GENETICS (ex officio), University of Toronto

Lauren McIntyre, Editor in Chief, G3 (ex officio) University of Florida

Ruth Isaacson, Staff Liaison, GSA

Megan McCarty, Staff Liaison, GSA

Tracey Depellegrin, Executive Director, (ex officio) GSA

The Publications Committee advises journal Editors in Chief and staff. Approves changes in author page charges, subscription pricing, and other items. Consults with Executive Editor and Managing Editor on policy issues. Ensures that journal scope is in line with GSA goals. The Chair is responsible for forming the search committee for new Editors in Chief.