Scientific Writing Program

We are pleased to announce that, with the generous support of the Burroughs Wellcome Fund and in partnership with BioKansas, GSA is developing a new training model for scientific writing.

[Can’t wait for this program to launch? Improve your scientific writing skills by attending the Scientific Writing Workshop at The Allied Genetics Conference! Learn more.]

One of the key components of all types of scientific careers is the completion of large and complex writing projects. But many early career scientists report a need for more intensive help in developing their skills. Access to scientific writing training, mentoring, and support vary widely.

The Scientific Writing Program is designed to fill this gap for students, postdocs, and early career faculty through high-quality scientific writing training and feedback in an online format. Pilot programs will commence in 2020 and the full program is scheduled to launch in 2021.

The program will feature four separate tracks:

Multi-year thesis writing

Delivery: webinars, video conferences, and individual mentoring

Graduate students will learn the skills and knowledge essential for writing a clear and compelling PhD thesis on deadline and publishing their work in journals.

Single manuscript writing

Delivery: webinars, video conferences, and individual mentoring

Postdocs and early career faculty will learn to efficiently move their discoveries from research to publication.

Project planning and accountability

Delivery: webinars, video conferences, and mentor and peer support networks

Postdocs and faculty will develop their time management and project planning skills and participate in a community-based writing accountability network.

Onsite workshop for conferences and institutions

Delivery: in-person workshops with supplemental webinars

Graduate students, postdocs, and faculty will workshop their own writing projects at onsite events that provide a condensed version of the training program.

Questions about the program or application? Email us: engagement@genetics-gsa.org

Early Career Leadership and Professional Development Program
Students, postdocs, and other early career scientists (ECS) are the future of the GSA community. To strengthen their voice in the Society, GSA developed the Early Career Scientist leadership and professional development program. This program provides rich opportunities for early career scientists to develop skills, gain experience, network, and produce concrete deliverables that demonstrate their abilities.

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GENETICS Peer Review Training Program

Peer-reviewers are vital to science, yet early career scientists in our field rarely receive formal training in how to be a good reviewer. GSA and GENETICS are addressing this gap with a program that gives early career members real-world peer review experience. Participants will receive online training, feedback, and will become reviewers for manuscripts submitted to GENETICS.

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