2020 Board of Directors Election

All 2020 GSA members are eligible to vote in Board elections.

This year’s ballot includes the election of the 2021 Vice-President (who will be 2022 President) and four Directors to three year terms that will begin on January 1, 2021. You will also be asked to vote on a Bylaws amendment proposal.

We encourage you to carefully consider each candidate’s biographical sketch and candidacy statement before casting your vote. GSA strives to serve the entire breadth and diversity of our community, so please consider the overall composition of the current Board as you cast your vote for one candidate in each section of the ballot.

Voting closed at 11:59 p.m. US EST, December 31, 2020.

Bylaws Amendment Proposal: increase the maximum number of elected Directors on the Board

The Board of Directors proposes an amendment to the Genetics Society of America Bylaws to increase the maximum number of elected Directors from 10 to 12. Increasing the maximum number of elected Directors gives the nominating committee greater flexibility each year in ensuring that the nomination slate for the Board election better represents our community across geography, gender, race, research organism, research discipline, career stage, type of institution, and other factors.

Members will be able to vote for or against this proposal on their 2021 election ballot. The amendment will be adopted if it is favored by the majority of members who vote on the proposal. If adopted, the amendment will be effective as of January 1, 2021.

Nominating Committee

This ballot was prepared by the 2020 Nominating Committee

Terry Magnuson, Chair (ex officio)

Erika Matunis, Secretary (ex officio)

Mary Lou Guerinot

Hopi Hoekstra

James Holland

Election Procedure

The candidate receiving the majority of votes in each section of the ballot will be elected.

GSA provides the following safeguards:

  • Only current GSA members are able to vote.
  • No one may vote more than once.
  • No one can determine or duplicate anyone else’s vote.
  • No one can change a vote once it has been submitted.
  • After voting, each voter will receive an immediate online verification, which serves as a vote receipt.

GSA is incorporated in Maryland and, under Maryland state law, any membership vote where the membership is not physically present together is done by submitting a proxy. GSA has decided to use directed proxies, which means members will be able to complete a ballot indicating their preferred candidates and the holder of the proxy will cast the votes on behalf of the members. The Board of Directors has designated Erika Matunis, GSA Secretary, as the proxy holder for this election. By using a proxy, you are counted as being present and your vote will be cast as you instruct.