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Bringing Genetics Together

March 6–10, 2024 | Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center | Metro Washington, DC | #TAGC24dev

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About The Conference 

TAGC is a unique GSA conference that brings together scientists from multiple international biological research communities to share cutting-edge science, foster new collaborations, and strengthen existing relationships. With an exciting mix of sessions that focus on advances in genetics and genomics in a variety of research organisms, TAGC 2024 is designed to shape the big picture, include diverse voices, and showcase the fundamental unity of biology—all while providing attendees the chance to spend time with old friends and valued colleagues from around the world. 

Join us March 6–10, 2024 for #TAGC24.

Conference Themes

Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Livestock Genetics | Chromosome Biology and Genome Integrity | Developmental Genetics | Disease Models and Aging | Ecological Genetics and Genomics | EvoDevo | Gene Regulation | Genomes and Genomics | Initiatives in Education and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion | Intracellular Dynamics | Neurogenetics | Population and Evolutionary Genetics | Quantitative Genetics | Sex Differences in Biology and Disease | Technology, Resources and Tools | Translational Approaches, Stem Cells and Organoids  

Participating Communities

C. elegans iconDrosophila iconMouse and Rat logoPEQGPlantXenopusYeastZebrafish

The Allied Genetics Conference is ready to connect people, communities, and ideas! We’re committed to making TAGC 2024 the best large-scale conference with small-size meeting interactions. How? By optimizing the conference-going experience for early career scientists, designing new opportunities for all participants, investing in cross-community topics and synergies, and integrating the best features of each community-specific meeting into the larger event. Join us at National Harbor for this truly one-of-a-kind event—everyone is welcome!

Maureen Barr (Rutgers University) & Harmit Malik (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Howard Hughes Medical Institute) — Co-Chairs, TAGC 2024

Keynote Speakers

Needhi Bhalla

University of California, Santa Cruz

Adrian Krainer

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Art Krieg

UMass Chan Medical School

Beronda L. Montgomery

Grinnell College

Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado

Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Leslie B. Vosshall

Rockefeller University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Join Us At National Harbor

Located in the Washington, DC, metro area, National Harbor boasts more than 90 different restaurants, endless activities for all ages, and beautiful scenery of the Potomac waterfront. A short distance from DC’s major transportation hubs and the city itself, National Harbor features great accommodations and easy access to world-class amenities. Get there by train, plane, automobile, or even water taxi!

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More information on Awards will be available July 2023.


Travel Awards & Caregiver Support

Travel awards help to support the costs associated with attending GSA conferences, including TAGC 2024. Awards in this category include the DeLill Nasser Award for Professional Development and the GSA Undergraduate Travel Awards.

Childcare and Dependent Grants will be available to support attendees with caregiving needs.


Community-Specific Awards

These awards are specific to particular TAGC communities. Awards in this category include the Victoria Finnerty Undergraduate Travel Award (Drosophila), the Larry Sandler Award (Drosophila), IMGS Scholarships for trainees (Mouse and Rat), and the James F. Crow Early Career Researcher Award (PEQG).

Registration & Abstract Submission Open

September 29, 2023

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Abstract Submission Deadline

November 9, 2023

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