24th International C. elegans Conference

Glasgow, Scotland

June 24-28, 2023 | Scottish Event Campus | Save the Date

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International C. elegans Conference

GSA is proud to support the international community of C. elegans researchers and sponsors the International C. elegans Conference every two years. Attendees learn about cutting-edge research in a diverse array of topics, including: physiology, neurobiology, development, evolution, behavior, aging, ecology, gene regulation, genomics, and more.

Upcoming Conference

2023: Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow, Scotland, June 24–28

Miriam Goodman, Stanford University
Sander van den Heuvel, Utrecht University

Confirmed Invited Speakers
Oliver Hobert, Columbia University
Julie Ahringer, The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge
Sandhya Koushika, DBS-TIFR
Geraldine Seydoux, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Hong Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Past Conferences

2021: Anywhere and Everywhere
2020: The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC), incorporating the C. elegans Development, Cell Biology, and Gene Expression Topic Meeting
2019: Los Angeles, CA
2017: Los Angeles, CA
2016: Orlando, FL
2015: Los Angeles, CA
2013: Los Angeles, CA
2011: Los Angeles, CA
2009: Los Angeles, CA
2007: Los Angeles, CA
2005: Los Angeles, CA
2003: Los Angeles, CA